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Agricultural Law expert Neal Patterson

I had the pleasure of talking to agricultural Law expert Neal Patterson recently who generously gave his time to answer 5 farm-based scenarios.

Scenario 1

Following a short introduction, Neal gives his thoughts on scenario 1 which is a young unmarried couple taking on their first Farm Business Tenancy (FBT) who are planning to sell directly to the public. What do they need to consider from a legal perspective?

Scenario 2

The second scenario is a young unmarried couple, with their FBT coming to an end . They have the option to purchase the farm, what do they need to consider? 

Scenario 3

The third scenario I put to agricultural law expert Neal Patterson is a 2nd generation married couple in their 70’s (partnership). They have grown-up children and grandchildren, and no succession plan in place.  They were recently asked what their intentions are to be met with ‘it’s too complicated to sort out’.  Where would you start to unpick this?

Scenario 4

The fourth scenario is a married couple (partnership) who have grown-up children. They have 50% of arable land potentially going for solar, what do they need to consider?

Scenario 5

The fifth and final scenario I asked agricultural Law expert Neal Patterson is about a 3rd generation married couple with young children who have recently inherited the farm.  They are not sure if they want to continue farming, what do they need to consider?

Top tips for retirement planning

In this clip, Neal provides his top tips for retirement planning.

How to choose a solicitor

In this final clip agricultural Law expert Neal Patterson explains how to choose a solicitor.

I hope you have found these clips useful. If you would like to get in touch with Neal, please email him.

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