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Have you heard of #Farm24? Launched in 2015 by the Farmers Guardian and sponsored by Morrisons, it is the agricultural industry’s biggest online event.

Farmers and Foodies are encouraged to take to social media for a 24 hour period to show and explain the work they are doing that day.

This year’s event starts at 5am on Thursday 6th August and runs through to 5am Friday 7th August. The aim is to show the Great British public how much care and effort goes into producing the food they eat.

Farmers and supporters can post on any social media platform using the hashtag #Farm24 and are encouraged to post numerous times throughout the day.

The Farmers Guardian suggest 10 ways Farmers can get involved:

It’s not just for farmers, it’s for Foodies too! Get on social media to:

Foodie or Farmer, it’s not too late to pledge your support and join in with #Farm24 from 5am Thursday 6th August.

We’ve pledged our support!

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