Google Live Training

Are you aware that Google offers free live training? Courses include:

  • Get your Business Viable on Google
  • Find Customers with Google Maps
  • Create Videos with YouTube
  • Writing for Social Media

More details here:

Employment Law Changes for 2021

This is a clip from the recent ‘Are you ready to employ’ which gives a brief update on the employment law changes for 2021.

Denise Read who runs Keystone People & Business Support recently gave us a useful overview of all the things we need to have in place in order to employ the first and subsequent members of our team. To gain access to the full recording join Rural Business Network now.

I’ve borrowed this from Simon Clayton, founder of the Marketing Skills Academy (he ran the marketing workshop at a start-up course I attended back in 2019).

10 quick and easy tips to spend less and market more!

  1. Blog – Still one of the most effective ways to share your knowledge and expertise as well as position your brand and extend your reach. Engage with your desired audience in a more informal way – search engines love them too!
  2. Network (Online) – Currently over 250,000+ social media groups – region, sector and industry specific.

    Networking online will provide an opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals as well as source new business opportunities and promote your brand.
  3. Social Media Engagement – it’s not just about posting stuff on your social media feeds, you need to encourage engagement and build your community! Here’s how:

    🔸 Connect / follow people who are of interest to your business – whether customers / consumers, trade partners / suppliers – even competitors!

    🔸 Comment on posts – especially if positive / constructive

    🔸 Take part in group chats – extend your social reach, promote your expertise but don’t sell!

    🔸 Always thank people if they like / retweet / share your content

    🔸 Always reply to comments – it shows you’re engaged and listening! Especially if they are questions, but beware of your tone

    🔸 Don’t ever ‘force sell’ – inform, educate and engage!
  4. Customer Referral Program – Offer your existing customers something for referring new customers. Free samples, discounted products or services or even a worthy gift, will encourage your customers to become brand advocates for your business – spreading the news far and wide!
  5. Collaborate – If your competitors are large established businesses who seem to win every contract going, maximise your competitiveness by collaborating with other businesses who share common interests e.g. An accountant working with HR consultant… A marketer working with a printer…
  6. Google My Business – enhance the chance for people to find you on Google – especially if you’re marketing to a local audience, you need to have a Google My Business profile! Check it out – it’s FREE! Google will love you!
  7. Host a free webinar – a (virtual) face-to-face presentation with an engaged audience / potential customers sharing your expertise and knowledge, BUT don’t just sell – consider the ‘value’ you are offering!
  8. Create an eBook – another golden opportunity to promote your knowledge and expertise – adding value to our customer experience! Use them to build your email list – but make sure they’re GDPR friendly.
  9. Newsjack – share your views on a current ‘trending’ story – great for brand positioning and expressing your knowledge, expertise and values. 
  10. Sneaky Marketing – how you can promote your business using your regular, run-of-the-mill communication channels? For example:

    🔸 Email signatures – a great opportunity to place a banner advert or text promotion with a hyperlink back to your website.

    🔸 Invoices and monthly statements – how about including a dedicated url or blog post link to a promotion landing page or invitation to an event… you could also include this on delivery notes, envelopes, tags, labels and packaging too!

    🔸 Business cards – still as popular as ever… how about including a unique link / QR code? Relatively easy to create and it works too!

    🔸 Answerphone message – provide useful tips and free advice – keeping your caller ‘engaged’. Word of warning however… unless you have a voice like Mariah Carey, I’d forget the singing messages 😉