Do you want to do something different but need some inspiration? This page is aimed at farmers who want to diversify, so hopefully, it will get you thinking.

I will populate the following headings over the next few weeks.


Have you ever wondered if your land is suitable for a solar farm?

Well, we have the pefect memer-only event taking place next Thursday, 4th March at 7pm 👇

Mark Noone, Senior Development Manager and Tara Reale, Head of Business Development – Ireland, Lightsource bp, will provide an overview of the factors considered for selecting solar farm sites and determining their viability. They will be joined by Richard Turner, Senior Environmental Planner to answer members’ questions.

Lightsource bp is a global leader in the development and management of solar energy projects. They provide sustainable and affordable energy to businesses and communities.

This is a great opportunity to speak some of the team so join Rural Business Network now.

Leisure and Recreation

Novel Crops

Novel Livestock

Something that caught my eye is an event from Barclays Eagle Labs ‘Alternative proteins – Are you insect curious?’ which is on Wednesday 3rd March at 6pm.

Join Barclays Eagle Labs to explore how AgriTech can support the changing face of the sector. 

Today Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution is bringing exciting opportunities for farmers to increase productivity, protect the environment, and make farming more sustainable.

In 2013, the UN produced a report on eating edible insects. One third of the Earth’s arable land is already used for livestock, and this has led to continuing deforestation and thus putting a strain on water resources.

80% of the world’s population already eat bugs, in fact there are over 2,000 types of edible insects.

But what does that mean for the future of the food industry?

Find out more and register for their event here:


Value Added

Tom Kitchen-Dunn, co-founder of Lamb2Ewe gave an excellent talk at last night’s (Tuesday 23rd February) event and answered lots of questions. If you would like access to the recording join Rural Business Network now 😊

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