Jo Martin

I’m Jo Martin and I want to help you adapt and flourish because I couldn’t find the support when I needed it most.

I’m going back 15 years to Spring 2007.  I was 33, Daniel at the time was 8 and Robert was 5.  I started making cakes in the summer of 2004 and by this point, I was selling at 4 farmers’ markets every month and also supplying a butcher’s shop, a farm shop and a tea room on a weekly basis.  I made a variety of cakes and traybakes including gingerbread, caramel shortbread and sandwich cakes.

I’d start baking at 9pm, after I’d put the boys to bed and would work until the early hours.  I got up with the boys the next morning, take Daniel to School and Robert to nursery, which gave me time to prep for the evening ahead.  I collected Robert at lunchtime and fitted in house and farm jobs before we collected Daniel from School.  We were getting ready to extend the bungalow too – it was very stressful!

Sandwich cakes made by Jo Martin

P&J Martin was set up as a partnership after I married Peter in November 1996 (we met at the National YFC AGM in 1994). We live on a 10acre smallholding in County Durham, we currently have some of our suckler herd at home but back in 2007 we had a small flock of sheep.  The flock has now grown and are over at ‘the main farm’ along with the rest of the girls.  The main farm is 7 miles away and is where Peter spends most of his time.  The grass and arable farm is owned by his mum and dad who have their own farming partnership. We own an adjoining 70 acres. It’s complicated.  We farm together but separately.

Before the boys, I was very hands-on, juggling farm work with various part-time jobs including County Organiser of County Durham Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (a job I loved!).  I got pretty good with the telehandler stacking little bales into heaps and collecting them with the Logic.

Back then the YFC office was in Durham City and when Daniel came along I wanted to work from home.  I was offered the role of Secretary of Durham Assessment Committee, organising NPTC assessments which fitted in perfectly.

I’d always wanted to make cakes so in August 2004 I bagged a stall at Sedgefield Farmers’ Market and grew from there.

I have so much more to write but I think that’s enough for now.  I’ll add to this page over the next few weeks.

I’d love to help you adapt and flourish.  Book an Introductory Coaching session now.