Jo Martin

Farmer’s wife Jo Martin has lived and breathed agriculture from a young age, growing up on her family farm in Cheshire. Now in County Durham, alongside her husband, children and in-laws, she continues to grow the arable, beef and sheep farm.

During her son’s early years, she started a baking business, based from her kitchen at home. The cakes proved very popular at the local farmers’ markets and Jo could have grown that business if she had access to a community of support who could guide her.

Fast forward a few years and as still no such community existed Jo has created one, where people can meet, learn from each other, and gain knowledge and connections. As a membership organisation, it works by members paying a small monthly fee. They then gain access to online knowledge events, a members-only Facebook group, a dedicated contact for questions and more.

Jo knows only too well how difficult it can be to work within the agricultural industry, whether it be a diversification project or a new start-up. Rural Business Network offers a community of like-minded people who can help each other and celebrate their successes. Her dedication to the network shines through which is one of the reasons she has been selected for the 25th cohort of the Challenge of Rural Leadership (CRL) course taking place in January 2022.