Why build a community?

Jo Martin

I’m Jo Martin and I want to ensure rural entrepreneurs and farmers diversifying have a network of support to help them start and grow a successful rural business.

I was brought up on a farm in Cheshire and was an active member of Middlewich Young Farmers’ Club. I met Peter at the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs AGM in Blackpool. We married in 1996 and have farmed ever since in County Durham.

In 2007, when our boys Daniel and Robert were 8 and 6, I was into my third year of baking cakes in our kitchen. I was selling at 4 farmers’ markets each month as well as supplying our local farm shop, butcher, and a couple of tea-rooms. My cakes were popular and I could have grown that business if I had someone who could have pointed me in the right direction.

  • I needed knowledge
  • I needed connections
  • I needed inspiration
  • I needed resources
  • I needed support

I needed a community. I never found one.

That’s why I’ve founded Rural Business Network

I would love to welcome you to our growing community.

Jo Martin, Founder, Rural Business Network