What is Wheels of Life?

What is Wheels of Life?

Wheels of Life is a tool to help you take control. It is built on the concept Wheel of Life by Paul J. Meyer, founder of Success Motivation┬« Institute, Inc. As a business owner and a farming family member, I felt that one wheel wasn’t enough, so I created 4.

Each wheel is divided into 6 segments and focuses on one area of your life. The first and most crucial wheel is all about you. I encourage you to assess on a scale of 0 to 10 (0 being not satisfied at all) and 10 being extremely satisfied where you are at with your retirement plan, your dream, your physical health and more The ideal is that your wheel is balanced, I don’t expect 10’s all round, but if your score is low in one segment and high in another, what could you do to balance it?

So why do I start at the end with your retirement plan? For a journey to be successful, you need to know your destination, and it’s the same with life. It helps to have your destination in mind. Your retirement plan goes hand in hand with your dream, so that’s the second segment to score.

I launched Wheels of Life at my local show last year. Almost every farming family I spoke to had no plans for retirement because “farmers don’t retire”. Indeed, a study led by Professor Mat Lobbley of the University of Exeter in collaboration with NFU Mutual in 2020 found that less than a fifth of farmers plan to fully retire. When I asked those at the show if they were living the dream, many said that they weren’t and I could literally see them starting to think about their future. I was chuffed to bits!

I was extremely lucky to have spent some time with Professor Lobley when I attended the Challenge of Rural Leadership course in January 2022. One of the biggest things I took from the course is that the farm and the business are 2 separate entities. It’s the business that we should be planning to retire from.

So, what’s your definition of retirement? If there was nothing holding you back, what would you like to do? Where will you be? How old will you be? Who will be with you? I don’t expect you to know the answers straight away because it’s probably something you haven’t considered before. I hope you start thinking about it now.

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