In fact the rural areas of England cover 90% of its land and house 17% of its people and whilst once dominated by agriculture, rural areas are now as economically diverse as urban economies. In 2017-18 there were 545,00 businesses registered in rural areas, accounting for 24% of all registered businesses in England. These businesses employed 3.6 million people, accounting for 13% of all those employed in registered businesses in England. There are predominantly more small businesses in rural areas, however they frequently face difficulties in recruiting and retaining skilled staff and accessing advice and support (House of Lords Select Committee on the Rural Economy, 2019).

Small rural businesses have tended to recruit via word of mouth or by placing posters in their shop window. More businesses are opening up in rural areas and are not necessarily bricks and mortar, so social media sites such as Facebook and on-line jobs boards like Indeed have gained traction in recent years. The problem here is that applications are received from candidates who do not have the required skills and experience which makes it time consuming for businesses who are already busy because they are short staffed! 

We would love to work with businesses within the tourism and creative industries looking to employ skilled members of staff. These industries are forecast to grow if the issue of skills and business support are addressed.
So, take advantage of our free job advertisement currently on offer. We will filter applications so you only receive those that meet the required experience and skills and we guarantee to reply to all applicants with an honest, friendly and timely reply.